Call for Abstract

15th Crop Science and Agriculture Summit, will be organized around the theme “Emerging New Trends in Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Crop Science”

Crops-Agri-2020 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Crops-Agri-2020

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks.

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  • Track 1-1 Breeding and Genetics.
  • Track 1-2Seed physiology, production, and technology
  • Track 1-3plant preservation
  • Track 1-4Nutrition quality
  • Track 2-1Seed technology
  • Track 2-2Forage crop & grass science
  • Track 2-3Ecology
  • Track 2-4Physiology and ecological research on herbs
  • Track 3-1Technologies for rapid crop improvement
  • Track 3-2Genomics technologies for tropical agriculture
  • Track 3-3Genetic engineering
  • Track 4-1Forecasting in agriculture
  • Track 4-2Global warming & agriculture
  • Track 4-3Climate change impacts on agriculture
  • Track 4-4Food security and climate change
  • Track 5-1Impacts on nutrition, quality and resource use efficiency
  • Track 5-2Structures and Environment Modification Systems
  • Track 5-3New crops for a new climate
  • Track 6-1Plant conservation
  • Track 6-2Floriculture
  • Track 6-3Fruit and vegetable breeding
  • Track 7-1Natural Vegetation and their Soil
  • Track 7-2Bonsai cultivation
  • Track 7-3Biomass utilization
  • Track 7-4Forest ecology & biodiversity
  • Track 8-1Plant genome sciences
  • Track 8-2Medicinal and aromatic plant sciences
  • Track 8-3lant synthetic biology and plant transcriptome
  • Track 8-4Plant science and natural products
  • Track 9-1Bioinformation system
  • Track 9-2Agricultural Advanced Machines
  • Track 9-3Agricultural resource management
  • Track 9-4Polymer in agriculture
  • Track 10-1Health effects of pesticides
  • Track 10-2Herbicides
  • Track 10-3Biofertilizers
  • Track 10-4Single nutrient fertilizers