Climate change and Agriculture

Changing climate could be a massive obstacle for the farmers to keep up their crops yield in their agriculture. heating affects the agriculture in a very varied ways in which together with changes in temperatures, precipitation & climate extremes, changes in tormenter & diseases, changes in atmospherically greenhouse gas and ground level gas concentrations, changes within the nutritionary quality of some foods and changes within the water level. Future climate changes can have an effect on erratically to the crops at low latitude countries, whereas it should have an effect on slightly to the high altitude country crops additionally. Farming contributes to modification global climate change temperature change} each by anthropogenesis emissions of greenhouse gasses and by the change of non-agricultural land like forests into rural land.

  • Air Pollution

  • Carbon advantages of Wood-Based product and Energy

  • Climate modification, Forests, and Water

  • Cumulative Effects and temperature change

  • Landscape Analysis

  • Silviculture

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